Some frequently-asked questions...

Website prices depend on many factors, but we have a list of ballpark prices here

To get a better idea of the cost of what you want to build, fill out this free quote request.

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while you work towards completing your content. We'll even provide you with a content outline to follow to make things easier. This gives you guidance on the type of text and images that would perform best on your website.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, just like cars. You'll find quotes ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our websites are designed to be the perfect balance of features and price for small businesses. We've been able to keep our prices low by reducing overhead and streamlining our process. Our finished product often exceeds the quality of agencies charging ten times more than us.

Welcome to the 21st century! Our clients come from all over the world, and most communication is done through chats, emails, and an occassional phone call.

We will listen to your idea and maybe even offer a few suggestions. We'll also let you know if we'd be a good fit for the project. If not, we'll even try and steer you in the right direction, free of charge.

Written proposals are usually the last step in the pre-planning phase. To keep prices low, we like to communicate with you and get everything agreed upon before sending you the final estimate. Once you hire us, we outline content and design details prior to starting.

Site Sculptors can update old and out-of-date sites, giving them that modern look and feel.

We can finish someone else's unfinished work, though sometimes it takes more time and expense than creating a new site.